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[QUOTE=dddaqueen;3110880]I just had lasik 9 days ago. My vision was poor to begin with but the doctor told me he is usually able to get patients of my sight up to 95%. I was -8.50 & -7.50. Now, I can see better than before but am not good enough to drive. My -7.50 eye is blurry with ghosts and double vison at any distance, up close or far away. I had a lot of trouble with foggy eyes after about 3 days so I put a call in and the doc told me to discontinue the antibiotic drops I was using 4 x's a day. I can't drive, can't read much, my eyes get too dry, can't use the computer much and can't do much of anything really. The doc told me to wait for two weeks and keep using drops. Frankly, he didn't have the time of day for me once he got my money and screwed up my eyes. I'm really sorry I did this. It has ruined my summer. I just hope I can get some form of correction again sometime soon so I can function somewhat normally again. I have to go back to work in a few weeks and am really concerned! Anyone have any advice or similar experiences to share??[/QUOTE]

GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO HEAL!!! I went through very similar experiences post-op. Definitely not the next day 20/20 dream they all advertise! And yeah, at 9 days post-op, I really regretted my decicision to get surgery, because my vision was AWFUL!!!

Here's what they don't tell you! It takes at LEAST 2 months for your eyes to heal and your vision to normalize (most people it takes about 6 months). Don't panic! And don't regret your decision just yet! I'm guessing your doctor isn't overly concerned, because he probably sees these very normal problems in most of his patients, and they usually just require time to heal.

Also, are you sure your doc said to quit the antibiotics? I'd been using antibiotic drops and steroid drops, and it was the steroid drops that made everything so foggy! Be sure you don't quit the wrong drops (it would suck if you got an infection in your eyes on top of everything else!).

Anyway, don't stress! And give yourself time to heal! As of today, my vision is 20/12.5 in both eye! I've been swimming and can actually see under the water (kind of scary actually!), I can take a shower without worrying about my contacts, I can get up in the middle of the night and see around my bedroom without having to stumble around trying to find my glasses.... it's AWESOME!!!

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