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I had lasik and was back to work the next day. I sit in front of a computer all day long. Dry eye can be an issue. But, mostly (if not because you have a dry eye issue like I do) if you have dry eyes while on the computer, try to remember to blink. Doctors say that a lot of people who are on the computer or even read books a lot tend to forget to blink. So, just make sure you stay conscious of it and try to remember to blink. Use the drops often post-op regardless of your computer use. We need a lot of moisture in our eyes as a rule but, post-op, moisture is a key factor in our healing.

Just know that your eyes will get tired a bit quicker than usual for a bit post-op while you are healing. It is normal. Just make sure you get enough sleep so they can recover overnight.

Take care and keep in touch!
I think it is best to wait a few days to use your computer. I tried to play games on mine a day after my surgery and my eyes got real tired. But after a few days it was OK. So, I would say wait a couple days before you do more than check your email.
Good Luck!

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