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Before you get your Lasik surgery make sure your thyroid is functioning well. That is if you are tired more then normal you might have a low thyroid and sluggish metabolism. Check your body temperature 1st thing in the morning upon awakening for several days, and if it`s consistently below 97.8 degrees you might have a low thyroid. Low thyroid means that your body won`t be healing normally and you don`t want that if you want Lasik surgery. I had a very problematic healing after Lasik. Today 1.6 years after my surgery I`m still not healed 100%. For all this time I had low thyroid but didn`t know about it. I was tired all the time, then my joints started bothering me, and only then I decided to go see a holistic specialist. He told me to take my body temperature every morning. Sure enough it was well below 97.8. I`m starting on my thyroid treatment today, and we`ll see how that may help my energy and healing.

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