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I am considering Lasik, however, have had terrible problems with dry eyes, allergies, etc. My eyes sometimes burn constantly, and I can no longer wear contacts or eye makeup. Also, if I don't get close to 8hrs of sleep a night my eyes burn ALL day. I went to see a doctor to see if I'm a candidate and he said yes, though was rather fast with the exam and when I asked if my dry/allergy eyes would have a problem, he just said "it won't make them better!" He never warned me against the surgery.

Reading posts on here make me worry, but I want to ask if anyone out there has had problems similar to mine and have had success with Lasik??

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no no no no no no no no NO!!!!!!!

Don't have lasik surgery! With all of the problems that you are describing, you are NOT a candidate. NO NO NO! I also have the terrible dry eyes, allergy eyes, burning, etc... When I first started going to my ophthalmologist, I had told him that I was tired of wearing glasses, and he said that I could not wear contacts because of the fact that my eyes are so dry. So I asked him about Lasik. He asked me if I wanted to guarantee that I would have dry eyes for the rest of my life, because for people who have dry eyes previous to lasik surgery, it is deterimental. His answer was a resounding NO! He is a corneal surgeon and would have been the one to do the lasik had I been a good candidate for it. A lot of doctors just want the money and won't tell you that you are not a good candidate for the surgery. If I am not mistaken (somebody please correct me if I am), during lasik surgery they have to cut one of the nerves that helps to supply tears to the cornea in order to create the flap. If you have ever had even the tiniest, slightest bit of dry eyes, you are NOT a candidate.

If I were you, I would never go back to that dr again. How can he think you are a good candiate for lasik? NO!
I have read information that even if you have never had a problem with dry eyes that having lasik can cause this problem. I had been considering Lasik because of having problems with allergies and contact lens solution so I read everything I could about it. I now found a saline solution that does not cause allergies in my eyes. My husband will try to talk me into getting lasik sometimes because I complain about what a pain it is to have to wear contacts and glasses. I always say no though. After having so many problems with allergies in my eyes I worry that I could have a problem with Lasik and I am just not willing to take a chance.

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