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i had lasik done 8 days ago, and up til now, had no physical problems with my eyes related to it. last night the very left corner of my right eye started getting really itchy and burning though. it was still irritated when i woke up this morning, and i noticed that bump in the corner of my eye (i don't know what its called) on the right side has grown lot larger and more noticeable than my left one.

i don't really want to bother my opthamologist since it's a saturday, and it's not exactly an emergency. but does anyone know if it's ok to use eye allergy drops this soon after lasik? i was given samples of patanol, zaditor, and alrex a few months ago when i was having eye allergies. i think this might be allergy related, like i may have a cat hair or some debris in the corner of my eye that its reacting to. would it be safe to try to rinse it out with preservative free saline solution?

any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

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