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Hi Moongodess,

I don't want to scare you, but my first months were also paradise on earth.After 6 months I developed severe dry eyes. I am only one year at home with severe pain, I lost my job, my income and have to use my savings to pay all my medications and punctum plugs.
For example, I bought restasis today and paid 666 dollars for three months.
That's why dylan said it could be hard for some of us to read such a success stories. And it's difficult for us to understand that somebody without pain or trouble would post here.

When the vision and everything is OK now I am very glad for you.But do realize that you took a big risk because lasik has a complication rate of 5%.
There are people with double vision, triple visio, severe dry eyes, not able to see when it's dark. All of these you luckily don't have.

I can only give you one important advise.Lubricate your eyes as much as possible for one year!Because there are people who developed severe dry eyes even two years after surgery. Even if they don't feel dry!
The nerves of your cornea has been severly damaged that's why sometimes people don't feel the dryness the first months after surgery. I hope you follow my advice because I wish this to nobody.

Best regards

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