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One week after LASIK and this is my world:

I was in WALMART today and decided to take an eye exam for the heck of it. I
read the line and the girl was like "What line are you reading??" and I walked
up to the chart and pointed out the line and her mouth dropped open and she was
like "Whoa, 20/10!!!!!!!!!!!!"

20/10 vision - crisp, sharp, gorgeous, high color vision - better than anything
I have ever seen with glasses or contacts.

Side effects: I have had some eye strain mild headaches but I do computer work
for a living and my dr. said that seeing 20/10 takes a week or so for the brain
to get used to before it levels out. Other side effects include mild dry eyes.
And I do mean mild - nothing worse than I had when I wore contacts. I have to
put drops in usually early morning and late at night when I am tired.

I see no halos, no starbursts, no problems in dim or dark light, no pain, no

All in all, LASIK is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. And since
most people only post to complain, I thought I would post to exalt something
that has totally changed my life!

Ask me anything!

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