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My brother in law had lasik done over 4 years a go.

He hasn't worked since. He never should have been a candidate because his pupil size was to large. The doctor kept doing correction after correction until his corneas were too thin. The doctor is the pioneer of lasik surgery BTW.

Needless to say, the surgeries have ruined his life (and my sisters too!). He can't see normal out of either eye. He has eye strain, double vision and can't read, watch tv or drive. He suffers every day and has been suicidal.

He regrets ever having it done. He has already had one corneal transplant and is scheduled for another in about a year.

The eye with the new cornea has a terrible stigmatism and we're hoping a contact will correct that. Seems ironic going back to contacts when that's what he wanted to avoid in the first place.

They keep pushing this surgery like it's not a big deal, but it IS a big deal. It's your eyes for goodness sake! Don't do it!!! Your eyes are toooo precious!

I had Lasik two months ago and am in love with the world around me. I was born with severe myopia and ambliopia in my left eye. The ambliopia and disparity b/w the vision in my right eye and left eye cause me to have duplopia. The doctors didn't catch my vision problems until I was 6 (b/c of then perfect vision in my good eye) and by then they didn't want to operate on the ambliopia.

Unfortunately, I cannot wear contacts b/c of my allergies. With glasses I do not have depth perception. I've never had it.

I now have 20/20 vision in my good eye and 20/25 vision in my "bad" eye. I have measurable depth perception for the first time in my life. I know what time it is when earthquakes wake me up in the middle of the night. I can fall asleep reading in bed.

I too found out that I have sjorgenson's syndrom. I have plugs only in my bottom tear ducts. Yes, it gets uncomfortable sometimes, but it is worth all the discomfort. I CAN SEE!

Like a lot of you, I saw the Discovery Channel show and I saw Hardcopy. I knew people who had Lasik early on or at scketchy centers who had problems. I went to my doctor at Jules Stien Institute at UCLA for an outside opinion. He said that while he doesn't usually recommend patients have Lasik he thought I was a good candidate. He also told me all about the possible side effects and that I might have to wear glasses at night b/c of my double vision.

He also told me there was only one doctor in the country he would go to: Dr. Maloney at the Maloney Siebel Vision Institute. I highly recommend him.

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