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Got it done last thursday.

First description of the procedure and then I'll cover what condition I am in now and my feelings.

Oh 2 types of lasers available. Visik or Bausch&Lomb.
Visik is older laser, more for general degrees.
B&L newer some has eye tracking capabilities. For bigger iris and astimagtism. you can check this out
on the various websites.

1) Put on a head cap, with some cotton to absorb the eyedrops as it leaks out.
2) Line in this table under the lazer. and align the laser.
3) The put in some numbing eyedrops..wait for a minute then
4) put in some eye clamps to keep the eye open.
5) Put in a suction type device to suck up the cornea and flatten it.
6) Put in some dark eye drops so that you cannot see.
7) Slice open the cornea so that they can create a flap. : ) yep you can feel them doing it.
8) Peel open the corena ( you can see the flap move and suddenly you cannot focus.
9) They align the laser one more time.
10) Then the laser starts.. takes 10-40 seconds depending on your perscription. Mine too about 15 seconds. Oh you can smell burning flesh as
the laser burns of some underlying cornea.
11) then they put back the flap of the cornea and smooth it out over the eye.
12) Put some more eye drops..
13) Remove the clamps.
14) Then next eye.
15) Tada.. you can see your vision improve immediately although it looks a
little like in a smoky room.
16) You go back and rest. By the next day the vision should clear up quite a
bit. No more smoky

Care after the procedure:
1) Eyedrops.. 1 antibiotic (which they provide - Quixin). Another which they give you a prescription when you sign up to get (cost about $70)
The antibiotic 4 times a day for 5 days.
The other an anti-inflamatory med. 1st day 4 times,
second/third day-every 2 waking hours. 4th/5th day 4 times a day.
2) precautions: NO RUBBING for 1 month.
3) not hotubs, swimming for atleast 1 week.
4) No bathing the first day (incase soap gets in).
5) No heavy duty excercise, mild aerobics is possible after the second day.

Ok the results:
1st day after the procedure. Had a vision test. I could easily read at 20/20 both eyes had some clarity problems at 20/15 both eyes.
1 week later- another eye test. Now 20/15 text is much
clearer. The doctor says the clarity will improve even
more over the next few weeks.

So far I feels ok.. when I don't focus its blur, its much clearer when I focus on something. My collegue had it done last april and he says that's normal, it takes 2-3 months for that to stop.

My right eye is marginally clearer then the left.
Feels good.. but a little light sensitive but that should pass in another week or 2.

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