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about 10months ago i had lasek [advanced surface ablation] on both eyes for short-sightedness.
i reacted badly in terms of irritation and pain and the surgeon said i was just unlucky with that. the pain was bad and my eyes were so swollen the hospital had difficulty getting anaesthetic drops into them [a few days after the treatment]

all my check ups after that said that things healed up just fine. no problems.

my vision is brilliant. as close to perfect as i ever recall. i couldnt ask for better.

but my eyelids hurt.
my eyes feel gritty much of the time.
if i use eye drops that eases mostly on my eyeball.,
but it almost constantly feels like i have an eyelash under each eyelid.
sometimes its mild irritation but sometimes its enough that i cant open my eyes and i get very agitated about it.
if i accidentally press or bang my eye lid it is excruciating. i know poking yourself in the eye is never a pleasant thing! but its now just excruciating and then takes hours for the pain to go away.
i have hayfever and if my eye itches and im not thinking and gently rub, or if i press to take eye makeup off, it really really hurts under my eyelids. and then hurts for hours after the momentary pressing.
not the eyeball, thats fine
and as i said my vision is perfect and in my checkups the doctor said my eyes healed perfectly.
but in recent months it seems to have gotten worse.
i know i need to go back and see him again.
but i dont understand why it has hurt so much when i was told it had healed completely and without any troubles or problems. or why its under my eyelids that hurts, not my eyeball itself. he was unable to explain it before.

has anyone else experienced something like this?

*edited to add* i dont think its dry eye. my eyes arent dry. in fact when it hurts there are plenty of tears.
thank you

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