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For PRK it is routine to put in contact lenses for the first 3-5 days after surgery. The reason is unlike lasik where they do a flap, in PRK they use the laser to burn right through the outer layer of the eye and then into the cornea to reshape it. The contact lens takes the place of the outer layer for protection and it aids in the regrowth of the outer layer. Once the outer layer grows back they remove the "bandaid contact lens". It take much longer to see correctly after PRK too because the outer layer grows back bumpy which temporarily causes bluriness, double vision, ghosting, etc. However you don't want the outer layer to heal too quick because if it does you will get scar tissue under the outer layer resulting in permanent blury vision. So they give you steroid drops to slow the healing down. So you have the bumpy outer layer for a loooong time. It takes 4 weeks to 3 month or longer until the PRK healing process is over.

For Lasik they sometimes do it it to ensure the flap stays in position.

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