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I had Lasik surgery 5 days ago with one of the best and most experienced surgeons in the New York area. Unfortunately, I experienced a problem. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience:
The surgeon started with my left eye. While replacing the corneal flap, apparently the top third tore off. When he did the right eye (perhaps surprising that he continued?) the rightmost half of the flap tore away upon replacement. I only learned of these yesterday at a follow-up appt. At the surgery and at my next-day appt, it was described to me as a "scratch of the cornea in each eye" -- an unusual event that "might occur 5% of the time". I actually had very little pain or discomfort as a result, but am now suffering from double vision in each eye (A ghost with vertical displacement in the L, ghost with angular displacement in the R). The results is that while my visual acuity is somewhat improved -- still -2.50 in R and -1.50 in L -- I cannot really see well, drive or read. I am hopeful that these symptoms will resolve as healing continues -- as my doctor has assured me. However, I informally consulted another ophthalmologist who tells me that the circumstances are sufficiently unusual that there is really no telling whether the double vision will resolve or not. Anyone have a similar experience? Advice? prognosis? The irony, of course, is that this surgeon is the guy that other NY area doctors send their toughest cases and complications to.

I had double vision when looking at numbers on screens for about a week, maybe a little more, after my LASIK. It resolved on it's own.

However, I was fully functional from a vision standpoint from day one. You might want to consult formally with another LASIK surgeon for a second opinion if things don't get better.

I don't live in New York so can't give you any recommendations.


Thanks for asking. My vision might be improving very gradually. It's day 8 and I still see double in my L. eye. Right is in bad shape in terms of acuity anyway, but I think there are still several images there. I can drive (barely) during the day, but can't at night. I'm seeing the surgeon again Tues morning and was advised by another ophthalmologist to wait a week for another opinion. I got a copy of the video from my procedure where you can see quite clearly as half the flap tears away. What a sight!

Thanks for the pep talks -- your comments help!

Also, does anyone know a good technical source on the Lasik surgical procedure. As I understand it, the cornea is composed of 5 layers of cells and collagen/water,(incl. epithelium, basement membrane, Bowman's layer, etc.) -- each with diff't regenerative properties. I'm interested in knowing exactly what gets lifted in the flap and what tissue gets ablated, ideal flap thickness, etc.

I replied earlier but don't know where it went :( Anyway, I had some double vision after my Lasik only when I looked at numbers on a screen. Otherwise my vision was great from the first day and I was driving and going to the movies the day after surgery.

If things are not improving for you I would seek a second opinion. Sometimes things just happen and your problems may not be related to any failure of care on the part of the doc. However a second opinion is never a bad idea.

I live in Dallas so can't recommend any docs in New York.

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