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Just saw your message -- good luck with the irritation. It sounds like the sort of thing that may (hopefully) pass with time as ypour message suggests the doc doesn't think there's been damage to the cornea.

For my part, the multiple vision has reduced and is now (3 yrs later) pretty inconspicuous. Can drive at night, etc. although vision not perfectly clear and much worse when I am fatigued. I went to another doctor a year ago for a second opinion. After 2 mornings of testing his hypothesis was that the corneal damage was not the source of my multiple vision. Rather is was related to the monovision treatment. Apparently, each of my eyes is trying to adjust for the differences in focus. The antagonism between them caused the multiple vision since (apparently) eyes cannot focus independently. Evidence for this was a little indirect: When the doc tried to paralyze the muscles in my eyes for dilation, it took 3 applications of the drops, and even that did not lead to adequate paralysis. The punch line, if there is one, is that I've learned that eyes are very complex. Even if you qualify by the standard criteria for the surgery (as I did)unusual and unexpected factors like the strength of my eye muscles coupled with monovision surgery can nonetheless create poor outcomes in unpredictable ways. A word to the wise -- it is your vision you are messing with -- be very cautious.

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