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Hi - I just had wavefront five days ago. My surgeon and his tech were good at putting me at ease. It was quick and only minor pain. I felt pressure and a little discomfort from the suction on the eyeball and the speculum, but not bad. I could feel the corneal flap being cut but it was more sensation than pain.

I did not get up out of the chair seeing well. Things were blurry. I did not realize the extent of post-op. Most people think ( myself included) you get out of the chair, see great, go back to work and it's wonderful. NOT TRUE. I had no idea how long the recovery is and I was not prepared for the emotional changes. I am a pretty tough guy, well-adjusted, and a strong faith in God. I've been hit pretty hard psychologically by this .

The hourly drops are easy but the constant procedure is exhausting. Not being able to see well is wearing me down. I have halos and double vision in my left eye.

Now, the doc says I will get better and he says the surgery went fine - but bottom line- I can't do my job well and I've tried a dozen pair of readers to function - none good. I can't look at a computer screen long at all.

I'm told a lot of my problem is that I am 51. I was told that AFTER the surgery, not before.

So- be prepared for the possibility of a significant recovery and some emotional challenge. It's major surgery for sure.

I'll come back as a I progress and one day I'll let you ,know if it was worth it - now is not a good time for to answer that! LOL.

Best wishes.
I had gotten the wavefront lasik at the end of January 07. Its best thing ever. Even after about 8 months later i have dry eyes. At night time i see starburst's or hallows. I did notice that, if i don't get enough rest over night, next day will be bad. My eyes would say dry and continiously i have to use the eye drops. Drink plenty of water so your eyes get plenty of moisture. During the surgery you feel little discomfort but no pain. Doctor put drops in which will kill all the pain while the surgery is performed. I had gotten my surgery done in India, now I am back in USA. Surgery cost for me was $500 US.:)

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