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Yes, I may go for blending as I am 45. My date is Nov 12th up in Montreal. I still don't know where my PRK eye will turn out. My Lasik eye stabilized on day 5 at a crappy -1.25. My PRK eye is still "healing" as I am still on a heavy steroid drop regimine in the hope it will turn out maybe -0.50. If that happens, I may just leave the PRK eye alone and it will become my reading eye and I will have the Lasik eye ehnanced all the way to hopefully 0.00. Right now the PRK is blurry -1.00, better in the morning but really lousy as the day progresses.
I had PRK done when I was 40.

The dr recommended he undercorrect one eye and overcorrect the other slightly and I knew it wouldn't "bother" me 'cos I once went a couple of months with just one contact lens in (don't ask:rolleyes: ).
One of the reasons he did this was because I told him I was a book-a-holic: I read 2-3 books a week.
He also said that most people need reading glasses starting at around 40 and I would need them sooner or later regardless.

Anyway, it's now 9 years later. To this day, I have to close one eye and "look" with the other (and then repeat) before I can remember which eye is overcorrected and which is undercorrected.
I am just beginning to need reading glasses. When I went for my last eye exam, the doc told me to pick up the "1s" from the discount rack and only use it when necessary. I've used them maybe 3 times, in 7 months or so, only to read fine print in not perfect light.

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