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Hello, (I thought i would start a new thread... see the topic on "Now they say I don't have double vision" for background info).

Well, the Lasik surgery went very well for me! Today I went in for my second post op checkup and I'm seeing 20/20, with no need for prescription!! I feel like my vision is excellent. The doctor said it may flucuate a little now an then but stabilize in a month. During the last week I had two days that I didn't think I was seeing as clearly, which they said was normal.

If I'm outside at night the stars look a little hazy, but they say that is to be expected for a while. I'm sure I could drive at night (which I haven't needed to do yet).

On Sat. I was helping my husband clean up with garden and I guess that was a no-no. The doctor said that getting any kind of vegatation in your eyes after lasik is the worst thing you can do (I was raking, and later in the day my eyes didn't feel too good). Doctor said my eyes looked great today, no sign of infection.

Warbonds, I read your other post about the exercises you are going to start doing, I hope it works for you!!

Another thing the Doctor said was that he was glad they used the Custom Vue - laser wave print technology. That was used to really map out my eyes, which helps the laser be even more specific. He said they have been getting even better results on people like me after they starting using it. (Thought I would mention that for anyone considering lasik. Ask about it because I guess they may not use it automatically on everyone).

I want to thank Warbonds and Shaman and everyone one else on this board for your support. I appreciate being able to come and ask a bunch of questions!!!


Wow! I'm glad that your LASIK went very well for you.
Congrats! I bet you're relieved it's over and everything turned out okay. I do hope that everything continues really well for you in the days to come.

Yes, I am starting VT (vision therapy/eye exercises) to get rid of or reduce as much as possible my double vision. The VT sessions are approx 30 mins. long, and I go every 1 or 2 weeks for a session. Boy, I sure hope they do the trick, I am determined to make it work.

Starfish, I bet you feel like a new more double vision and clear, sharp vision on top of that! I am happy for you, and keep us informed as to your progress/post-op healing, too. I am sure there are many people out there considering LASIK and they're interested as to what people, sure as yourself, have to say about it.

Best regards,
I'm looking to pay $3500 for CustomView with the new IntraLasik... how much did you pay? And how is it going now?

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