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Well; regarding the doctors telling you something. Ultimately, the doctors do of course want nothing but success stories, but they also do this for a living. I'm am sure they prefer the perceived notion that everyone comes right off the table with 20/20, crisp vision. Lasik is a very personal, somewhat frightening choice to make, because it's your vision. If they were to tell the whole truth, that many people come out of it with blurry/mismatched vision, that may not clear up for months, they would lose some customers for sure. I think that because they know that for the vast majority, eventually the vision will get where it was intended to, they would rather keep the more 'optimistic' perception going. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking them for it, it's just what I think. And having said that, and being one of the ones who has one eye a bit blurrier (was done 2 weeks ago; 1st day after 20/30 left, 20/15 right; last thrusday; 20/25 left 202/20 right;), this board has made me feel better than eventually, the left eye will catch up to the right, and be balanced with it, and as sharp. Same thing happened to a friend of mine here at work, took 3 months. 2 others had instant gratification, good from the get go. So, it's really a mixed bag of results, depending on the individual, and also I suspect, heavily affected by the amount of correction. I was -5.25 in both eyes, so I had significant correction. Hang i there, and I'll do the same :)

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