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it takes a good 3-6 months for most people's eyes to fully heal and stabalize after lasik. if your doctor says your doing fine, you probably are. my vision was 20/40 in my left eye for almost 3 months post op, and my doc said my eyes were dry..... though they didn't really feel dry except when i woke up.... i figured my doctor just didn't really care because he already had my money, and my vision was going to suck forever, and i just knew i was going to need an enhancement, and i cursed the day i ever got lasik..... but just incase the doc might be right, i started using artificial tears at least 4 times a day..... i couldn't believe it, but within a couple of days my left eye started getting clearer and by my next appointment had improved to 20/25. now my vision is 20/12.5 in both eyes!

so to answer your question, yes, i went through similar experiences with my lasik (see my various other posts on the subject for more details), and it took a good three months for my vision to really start to clear (although i think if i'd been more diligent about using the artificial tears from the beginning, it might have improved faster!). get plenty of rest (being tired really makes for blurry vision), use those artificial tears religiously, and for now, sit up front in your classes! :)

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