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[QUOTE=LouBbbbbbb;3169224]Hi all. Wanted to share / get feedback on my Lasik experiences;
I had Custom All-Laser Lasik 8 days ago; The procedure itself was uneventful, and painful. I had 'mapping' performed one week prior to surgery, and had stopped wearing contacts 3 weeks prior to that. My vision prior to lasik was -5.25 (I believe thats greater than 20/400 , not sure), with a slight, uncorrected astigmatism. What was noticed first day of the surgery after 4-6 hour nap. The right eye was quite clear, the left eye was somewhat blurry. I have of course, been using both the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops, viamox and predaforte, plus Refresh-Plus preservative free wetting drops. The following morning I had my first post-op exam. I told the examining doctor my symptoms, and he said my left eye had a bit of sweeling, not uncommon. We then proceeded to look at the chart. With the right eye, I could read the 20/40 and 20/20 line, 20/10 was blurry. With the left eye, I could read the 20/40 line, 20/20 maybe some letters, but everything else blurry. He 'claimed' that my right eye was 20/15, my left eye 20/30 (I felt this was a bit 'optimistic'), but said it would improve over time. I must say in terms of comfort, my left eye does not feel quite like the right. Whether it's dryness, inflammation, there is a perceptible difference. So has this been the experience of some of you, will it get better? Am I too concerned at this stage of the game, only 8-9 days Post-OP? Thank you in advance :)[/QUOTE]

Although I was 20/20 the day after my sugery (and still am now 9 months later), I did have blurriness for the first couple of weeks. I also had dry eyes and was put on Restasis and used those drops twice a day. I am still using them, only now I am only using them once a day. One of my eyes, for the first few months, frequently felt "different" from the other. I think it was my right eye but I don't really remember. But it would feel like there was an eyelash in it, or just feel dry or scratchy. It took me about 4 months for my eyes to feel comfortable. So, although I have always been able to see 20/20 or better since my surgery and can't really relate to you in that respect, I can relate to you in the bluriness, or one eye feeling different from the other. Since you are only 9 days post op, it is WAY too soon to tell how good your vision is going to get. It can take about 6 months for your vision to stabalize. You need to give it a couple of months at least since your eyes are still healing, and will continue to heal for about a year after the surgery. It's way too soon for you to worry. If you see 20/15 in one eye and 20/30 in another, even if that's the best they get, that's pretty darn good! The blurriness and discomfort should go away over time. Good Luck!!!

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