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I am 47 years old and I had lasik monovision surgery 1 1/2 weeks ago. No problems with the surgery itself, but I am a little worried about the choice I made to have one eye less corrected than the other. One eye is 20/20, and the other is 75% of that. I wasn't having a problem seeing close up with no correction before surgery, but when I had my contacts in, it was a little hard to get focused to read something close. I'm really having problems adjusting to the monovision, I just feel out of sorts and disoriented when seeing distance. Reading close up is good.
Also, I drove in the dark for the first time last night. It was pretty scary. I had heard stories from others about night vision problems before I had the surgery, but I did not expect it to be so bad.
So I have a couple of questions for anybody who might know.
Is it too early to tell if I can adjust to the monovision? If so, how long should I wait to tell?
What are people doing about the night vision issue? Since my eyes probably are not done changing, I can't get glasses yet, but then what else is there to do? I certainly can't be out on the roads in the condition I am in.
Any insight,( no pun intended), or recommendations??

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