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I have been reading quite a few posts here where people have one blurry eye after lasik, and I just have to tell ya'll that first, it's normal.... and second, don't keep the blurry eye closed all the time! I HATED the blurry vision from my left eye, so I kept it closed all the time, and within a few days, my left eye started getting droopy, and within a week, I had developed a twitch in my left eye.... it didn't go away for at least a month, and came back often when I got tired.....

ANYWAY.... just a friendly warning to anyone who has one blurry eye! My vision is 20/12.5 in both eyes now, and I no longer twitch (haven't for several months!), so hang in there all you recoverers! Things will get better! :)
Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, I'd close my good eye occasionally to try and strengthen the blurry one. My doc gave me some sodium chloride drops to help with cornea edema and that has also helped the blurriness. We are remaining hopeful we will have the sight we seek!

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