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[QUOTE=Skylar_;3190224]Thank you for your response-it's nice to hear that someone else who had dry eye with contacts did Lasik. Some people (not my docs) have said I was crazy for considering Lasik since I had dry eye with contacts. I was worried it might make it a lot worse long-term.[/QUOT

I also just want to add that you should be prepared to spend an extra $100-$200 or so on eye drops over the next few months after Lasik if you do experience dry eye, as you have to use the preservative free drops and they are quite expensive. Your eye doctor might give you some, but even after they gave me a half dozen boxes it wasn't anywhere near enough. I was going through a half dozen vials a day the first few weeks after surgery. Just want to give you a heads up as it's a nice added expense that they don't tell you about! :-)

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