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Ask him to be truthful about recovery time! Mine told me I would be back to normal right away and would see great the next morning! Not true! Ask about the dry eyes and drops every hour. Can you sleep for a week with the plastic shields over your eyes? What will they do if you don't come out with 20/20? Will you need reading glasses? How long will your eyeballs be sore ( mine still are at 3 weeks post op).

I had wavefront lasik at a TLC Center ( my doc contracts with them). I had starbursts and halos for a couple of weeks ( better now). I still have blurriness in one eye. They say it might get better. My doc told me he had only had ONE patient who wasn't 20/20. Well, if that's true - I'm number 2!

You might do great. But - think about the risk. I really traded one pair of glasses for another.... but at least it's kept me out of bifocals....for a while, anyway.

I will say the TLC people were nice and the facility comfortable. The procedure was quick - but not pain free. Just a little uncomfortable. They did their best to make me comfortable.

I wish you all the best.

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