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I just had custom lasik with intralase last week and I did a lot of research about it beforehand because I have large pupils too. When dilated, I have one pupil that is 6.25 mm and the other is 7 mm. The risk of halos and glare is substantially higher with larger pupils which is why the custom wave front with intralase is recommended. In order to prevent halos and glare, the ablation are must be larger than the size of the dialated pupil. The ablation area is larger with intralase than with the blade and the custom wavefront corrects tiny imperfections in the surface of your eye which can cause glare.

Prior to surgery, I could barely drive at night. The glare was so horrible, it was blinding. The glare is now completely gone. I do see halos at night which I am told will probably go away once my eyes have healed but even if it doesn't, it is much easier to see at night now than it was prior to surgery.

I would highly recommend custom lasik w/ intralase if your dialated pupils are larger than 6 mm.

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