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I had it done Thursday and have been 20/20 since, then today, Tuesday, my right eye is super blurry. Is that normal????? Thanks!
[QUOTE=VegasGirl;3203138]I had it done Thursday and have been 20/20 since, then today, Tuesday, my right eye is super blurry. Is that normal????? Thanks![/QUOTE]

yes, very normal..... take a look at my other posts on this board (no time to go into it all... sorry!). :)
Yes- I am about one month post op and still have blurriness in my left eye. It fluctuates some but has never gone away. I'm hoping it will by my next post-op ( Oct 23). If not, I hope they can do an enhancement. There are lots of people on this board who had blurriness and it cleared it. My doc's tech told me it's the cornea healing that causes it. Best wishes.
I echo NUGEME's post.
I am now day 17 post op and my right's perfect, left is slightly blurry. It is, however, starting to improve. The cornea is very slow at metabolising and it does take time. I had exctly the same symptoms as you, perfect day 1 test, then blurriness appearing. In my case I had inflammation in the cornea, which is being treated with a steroid anti-inflammatory. I am having weekly checks and have my consultant's mobile phone number in case of deterioration. He believes it will settle over the next month and is charting the eye each week so he can see improvement week on week.
Do not panic, but do get it checked out. There is a good chance you have some sterile gunk/ scar tissue that will take a while to heal - but you must be sure you do not have an infection, that is dangerous and would need treatment asap.
Regards, and don't panic ... as you can see it is normally a case of time being the healer -
It is normal for your vision to fluctuate while they are healing which can take 3-6 months. Also be sure you're getting enough sleep and using plenty of artificial tears.
Thanks guys! It's better today, but yeah, both eyes fluctuate just a little but I'm good for the most part. Glad to hear it's normal for it to change up all the time. :)
yeah.... it can really freak you out when you aren't prepared for it though! i'd heard all the 20/20 next day hype and expected to have 20/20 vision the next day! i was HORRIFIED when my vision was less than perfect even after a whole week! but now it's 20/12.5 (and got to that point by 6-7 months) so hang in there! it will get better! :)
I have looked and seen lots of posts on blurry vision. Mine may be the same but just in case...

I can see crystal clear out of both eyes (had surgery almost 2 days ago). But, the left is blurry until I cover the right. Then it comes into focus. It's like my eyes aren't working together very well. Has anyone else had this, and does it go away?

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