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CRT stands for Corneal Refractive Therapy. It's a hard contact lens that you wear at night to basically change the shape of your cornea. You can find the descriptions of how it physically works if you look it up on Yahoo. In my personal experience it was no less then amazing. I had worn soft contacts (then glasses) since high school (I'm 26 now) and hated it tremendously. Soft contacts became impossible for me to wear, and then my glasses gave me headaches. And of course, as is usually the case, my prescription got progressively stronger. I was frustrated because I knew there must be a way to stop this cycle, but not even my eye doctor at the time told me about CRT. So I did some research myself and found out about CRT. I lucked out and found a great eye doc in my area who did it (and I live in a small town). So I really encourage people to look into it, even if they think there's no one in their area who does it. Ask around, you'd be surprised. It's just that laser docs get so much more publicity (bigger paycheck for those who do laser), so are more well known.

For the specifics. My prescription before CRT was -4.50 in each eye. My doc says he's done people with up to -8.00 sucessfully, but he likes to take on hard cases. Literally the next morning I was 20/20 and now on a good day I can get 20/15. The beauty of CRT is as long as you keep up with wearing your lenses at night, it stops the progression of the myopia! Oh how I wish I'd have known about this a long time ago. Unlike laser surgery, any problems are reversible. And of course, it's cheaper. I paid under $900 everything included (but keep in mind I live in a small town) and I know he has since raised his rates. Still worth it though.

Any other questions, feel free to ask:)


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