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I've got perhaps a silly question: I've read you can't get water in your eyes after the surgery. Well, what about showering/washing face? Obviously you don't get a lot of water in your eyes, but some would naturally get in them while you wash hair. What precautions (if any) need to be taken about this other than simply trying not to get water in the eyes? Thanks!
My doctor advised against going swimming for 2 weeks after surgery due to the possibility of infection from the bacteria in the water but if you close your eyes when washing your hair and face you should be fine. Just don't rub your eyes!
I was really paranoid about this for the first week after my surgery so I showered with goggles on. This was really difficult. I also LOVE to stick my face in the water in the shower every morning but for a week or so I avoided this and washed my face with a washcloth, avoiding my eyes. I had my surgery almost 11 months ago and I still worry about this. I won't open my eyes in the shower when they are wet, I will dab them with a towel first because I'm afraid of getting water in them. Just be really careful for the first week or two and you'll be fine. I don't think I need to worry about it anymore but I still do!

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