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If you wanna partially scrap of your eyes go for it. I'm sorry to be so direct but that's the reason why too many people are suffering of dry eye problem (i do). When they say that, after healing, your eyes are solid same as before they're lying. After lasik surgery if you're hit hard on your eye the flap could be dislocated then you'll have to go to the emergency, replace it and wait it will heal again...with PRK that thing will never happen (if i knew before).

I guess you really need to be hit very hard to dislocate the flap. This problem is more known to happen in violent car accident with airbag.

One more thing, if you already see some floaters (i have a lot now, do some research on this) maybe you should avoid the surgery with blade (microkeratome) cause the floaters seems to be moved up during thye succion of the eye for the cut of the flap.

I've heard there's wavefront PRK, if i had to do it again i would go for this (IMHO). Good luck in your research!.;)

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