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[QUOTE=leeleelanilou;3243619]Sky-I was told that at my age, which was 42 then, I could need reading glasses after my lasik. Doc said it happens a lot when people in their early 40's have lasik. I'm now 46 & don't need them yet, but when I do I'll just go to the store & buy some of those cute little Mr. Whipple glasses. If you don't know who he is, you're probably too young for reading glasses!

Champ-I'm sorry you had to have the PKR, what a bummer! I was whining because my vision had changed just enough that I may have to get glasses just for driving at night. I won't complain anymore! I hope your vision stays put this time![/QUOTE]

Thank leelee - 5 days later I am still very blurry in my right eye. In fact it's driving me crazy! On Wednesday I go back to the doctor and she will take out the contact bandage and I'm praying that helps. The funny thing is now I can see close up perfectly in my right eye and not so good in my left eye. I'm amazed at how clear i see within 12" but after that it's a no go.
Oh my gaud..??Red spots on the eyes?? I am very interested in seeing the video I am schedualed to go in for this lasiks procedure end of October.. after reading all this? I am not so sure about this now? This is all very informative...

[QUOTE=bmd1011;3248620]I had my lasik on September 21st, so I'm going into my 3rd week. I do not regret the surgery at all! Prior to surgery I had trouble seeing distance (-2.50 for contacts so not TOO bad, but bad enough), and then the day after surgery when I went for my follow up I was seeing 20/20. Doing the drops all the times gets a little annoying, but it's definitely worth it.

I live down in the middle of nowhere, so I had to travel about 2 hours away for the surgery. You're supposed to go to sleep right after you leave so your eyes will have a chance to heal. Well when we left (Friday around 3 something) we hit rush hour, so it took 3 1/2 hours to get home! needless to say that was a painful trip home, and I wish I could have just slept through it!!! They say that pain is caused when the numbing drops wear off.

If anyone that doesn't have it's done is interested in the procedure I do have a video of it being done on my eyes that I could send.

PS-on another friend got the lasik done the same day (the intralase) and he seems to be having trouble seeing up close now. He also had an astigmatism so I'm not sure if that is a factor or not. He now also has red spots on the whites of his eyes, which look like blood vessels burst or something...the doctor said it is just bruising though and that it will go away.[/QUOTE]

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