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OK, this board has helped me with a lot of my questions so I thought I'd post my Intralase experience, for better or worse. I'm scheduled to have the surgery in 2 days. Here's my background:

-31 yo female
-slight astigmatism; -4.75 & -4.25
-told I was a good candidate by 2 surgeons (1 was 2nd opinion)
-considered "normal" on all pre-op tests (corneal thickness, scans, etc.)
-have slightly dry eyes pre-op when I wear contacts. I have a lot of problems wearing contacts so I rely on glasses, have no dry eye with glasses
-general health status is good
-surgery by a highly recommended surgeon at the medical college, supposedly the best around
-desire to be free of glasses due to active lifestyle
-pre-op: taking 1000 mg Vitamin C/day & using eye drops per surgeon's orders

OK, I'm getting nervous about my outcome & the procedure!! Will post to this thread after the surgery. Hope it helps someone in their decision making. Thanks, Skylar
[U]After the surgery:[/U]

I sat in the recliner and the numbing drops wore off. It did not exactly hurt but my eyes were stinging like I had salt water from the beach in them. I was also sensitive to light and my eyes were watering like crazy. Even my nose was running. After he checked my flap I was sent home to sleep.

TAKE A DRIVER. I could barely open my eyes on the way to the hotel (my surgery was out of town) and they were watering so much. I was beginning to wonder if I'd made a mistake with this surgery!!

I took a 3-4 hour nap in what looked like a ski mask. When I woke up the watering, red eyes, stinging were gone. The fogginess was gone. I was still a little light sensitive but I could see! I use the drops as directed and have been recovering well. At my 1 day check-up I could see 20/40 (they claimed a blurry 20/20 but I disagree). I could have driven the day after with no problems. The hardest part has been not to scratch my eyes. All the drops have made my eyelashes sticky and itchy, but you can't scratch. The light sensitivity is pretty much gone but I do see halos around lights at night-but it's similar to wha tI used to see with glasses when I was tired.

Here is my only concern, maybe someone can help me:
*My distance vision is really good but my close-up vision seems worse than before surgery. Reading a book/looking at the computer (I'm not doing either much to allow my eyes to heal) is very hard. Is it possible that the surgery compromised my reading vision OR is this a normal part of healing? I have a call in to my doctor to ask. I'm 31 and have never needed reading glasses. Thanks, Skylar
OK, I'm 5 days after the surgery now and my vision is fairly stable. The distance is fine, I'm driving and all without any problems. Halos are getting better, but still present. The near vision is still fuzzy, although better. I tried on various reading glasses at the drug store yesterday to see if it would help and it had no effect, so I think this is just part of the healing.

So far my eyes are fairly comfortable, except I keep having the thought, "I really need to take my contacts out"-that is the feeling, that your eyes are a little dry/tired from a long day of contact wear. I'll post again after my 10 day follow-up. Skylar
[B]2 MONTH FOLLOW-UP:[/B] (good and bad news)

I went for my 2 month follow-up yesterday and received both good and bad news. On the positive side my vision was 20/15!! That is better than the 20/25 I had with glasses so I am really excited. Also, I am having no dry eye or vision problems, so I am completely satisfied.

However, I have a rare complication in my right eye. I am the "less than 1 in 100" people who developed "epithelial ingrowth". Basically epithelial cells (natural part of the eye) got themselves under the flap and multiplied. This is not necessarily a problem but since mine seems to be growing quickly (not noticed at my 10 day appointment) and is growing toward the pupil they want to address it. So, tomorrow I will have the surgeon evaluate it and likely remove it. My understanding is that this procedure involves lifting the flap with a surgical tool and washing underneath. Afterwards I will take the antibiotic drops again and should be fine in a few hours. There is no laser involved, so not a long healing process. But I will need to have another follow-up appointment to make sure he got all the cells.

Well, I'll let everyone know how this goes and what the procedure is like. And I still do not regret my Lasik-it is wonderful. I'm glad the surgeon is being aggressive to handle this now before I've even noticed the problem.

Thanks, Skylar

Hope it all goes well for you! The hard part is over now. My advice to you is to use the lubricating drops often, even if you don't think you need them. I used them about 10 times/day for the first month then back off to maybe 3-4 times/day. It will prevent future problems. Good luck!!
I did not wear eye make-up for about 2 weeks after the procedure just to avoid any problems. After that I wore eye make-up again and have not had any problems. Hope this helps!

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