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Well, I'm now 2 days after my surgery and so far so good! For those of you on the other side of the surgery, here's what it was like:

[U]The Surgery[/U]:
I arrived at the clinic scared silly-I was SO nervous. After the payment was taken care of I had my consultation with one of the techs-told how to do all the post-op drops, not to exercise for 72 hours, not to shower until the next day and most importantly to SLEEP after the surgery. They also rechecked my presciption. And gave me an Ativan to relax me (it had no effect on me for some reason). Then the surgeon came in, answered any last minute question and took me to the surgery suite.

In the suite I got on the table-the head part had pillows on each side to keep you from moving (the laser also checks itself 4000 times/second for any involuntary movement and will stop treatment). They gave me a teddy bear to clutch (yes I took it!!) and the nurse held my hand. Then they put on the metal clamp to hold my eyelids open. I am petite (5'3) with small features so I expected it to hurt, but it did not. Then they put a suction ring on my eye which also did not hurt-just slight pressure, not half as bad as I imagined. Then my vision went a little dim. Then the first laser, the one that cuts the flap. It was a strange feeling, but not painful. It was over really quick too. Then the same thing on the other eye. Then I got a new eyelid opener for the second laser that actually corrects the vision and the surgeon pulled the flap out of the way. I was told to focus on an orange light and for my vision (-4.75) this part took ~30 seconds. It takes longer the worse your vision is. It did not hurt at all. Again, it was a bizarre sight-you can see blue electric current generated by the laser and hear some clicking noises. The smell was barely noticable. I knew as soon as the laser finished that it went well because that nebulous orange light I'd focused on was now a small well defined orange dot. Then the surgeon smoothed the flap down, which did not hurt and looked kind of like someone washing a window you are looking out. Then I sat up and everything was much clearer but very foggy. Then had me sit in a recliner for about 20 minutes and put various drops in my eyes.

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