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Hey - anyone else got this....

Had lasik on 5th Sep and all went really well.... 20/20 vision in both and was really happy...

However last week - my right eye was really blurry and I have had NO improvement.. It was 20/50 on the chart and I think getting worse.... it is because of dry eyes, according to the doc. I'm using Refresh Liquigel - hourly, steroid drops and Restasis (don't think its starting working yet)...

Any one else been this blurry with dry eyes, does it get better - how long does it take...

Sorry - just a bit paranoid it won't get better and I'm stuck with blurry vision

Would love to hear if anyone else has had the same problems...........

Thanks - I'll have a look for them and add to my collection of drops!!

Saw doc last night and she seemed puzzled why my right is still blurry - though explained it a bit like a dirty eyes are both 0 - so its not a correction issue - just dry eyes.

She also found it stange that my vision was fine for the first 4-5 weeks - then suddenly went blurry due to the dry eyes...

I guess time will tell and its still early days (ish) - 6 weeks today!!
I'm two months post op and my left eye is still blurry. Dry is better but not gone. Still use lots of drops. Go back to the doc Oct23 - I hope I get more acuity in my left eye some day.
Hi Lucy,

I looked up the product you are currently using, Refresh Liquigel, and it is not preservative free. I would switch to a preservative free lubricant and see if that helps, Skylar
FYI: I have some Refresh Liquigel my doc gave me to use at night and it is preservative-free. Do they make two kinds?
Hi Nugeme

Does your doc say the blurriness is because of dry eyes? Did they say it will get long did he say it would take? Let us know how you get on..

My doc said it would get better - to give it time (I forgot to ask how much time!). When they measured my eyes they were both 0 - so in theory I should see fine.

Thanks for the tip Skylar - I will get a preservative free one and see if that makes any difference.
I had lasik in June.....the blurrines will get better with time.....My night vision was horrible for a while but is getting better.....My vision is much much better but I was legally blind and will need an enhancement..will be seeing the DR this month.....Everything will be ok....If you don't get back to 20/20 you more than likely will with an enhancement..It's scary to think about it now but...after a few months you will look forward to it.......I have 2 sisters and many friends you got it and they are all doing great....
lucy, have you been getting less sleep than usual? i had lasik done last december and i had blurry vision in my left eye for quite a few months before it cleared up. it was due to dry eye, and i believe lack of sleep played a big part too, because even now when i don't sleep (generally i average about 4-5 hours a night if i'm lucky), my vision suffers.... not that it ever gets blurry anymore, but i think it drops to 20/20 on a really bad day (it's usually 20/12.5!!!).

anyway, one note on the refresh liquigel drops. some people do great on the gel tears, others just don't. you might try some plain artificial tears (preservative free) and forget the liquigel stuff and see if that doesn't help. i know when i used the gel tears, it made my eyes feel dryer and my vision was blurrier. i ended up using the target brand preservative free tears and they worked great for me. i used them at least four times a day and my vision really started to improve after that!

last thing..... if you spend a lot of time reading or on the computer, that can also tire your eyes out faster and cause your vision to be blurrier. your eyes are still healing from their surgery. it takes several months before they will be fully healed and until then, you do need to be sure to give them a break and let them rest a little each day.

hope this helps!

OH, one more last thing.... the steroid drops made my vision really blurry. how long are you supposed to be using them? when i told my doctor at my two week check up that i was still using the steroids, he told me i was only supposed to have taken them for a week and that i should stop. it's probably different with every doctor, but make sure you check with yours and see if you're still supposed to be taking them.

thanks for this info! At last all is good adn can see fine and eyes not so blurry....quite relieved. The preservative free Celuvisc (sp) really helped and I still use it now and then - but nothing like as much as i did. In face seems to be getting better daisy.

Vision is fine and night vision is also much better.

Doc said eyes are now fine and no need to go back for a couple of months - unless I need to. I am using Restasis - but doc says once I've finished the pack not to bother with any more...hope she's right!

Best go - spent far too long on the computer for today!! Not good for the eyes.



just curious as to how long it took you to get rid of yoru blurry dry eyes? I am over a month out from surgery and my vision is still terrible because of dry eye - I'm strating to freak out about it and use the Systane drops about 50 times a day.....Many thanks.
tguy: I am almost two years out and still use Systane drops several times per day.
You might ask about using restassis and cortizone drops, on a regular basis. That's the only thing that has helped with my dry eye. A prescription is needed.
I am also 2 years post op and still using Systane a few times a day and a few times a night. I am really hating this dry eye symptom. Are systane drops preservative free? Does anyone know?

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