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I'm 31 and just had the surgery. I'm thrilled with my results. However, I will undoubtedly need reading glasses in 10 years or so, but would have naturally I think. One of my colleagues is about 50 and had the monovision surgery and LOVES his results. Also, I was very scared by some of those other websites before my surgery. So, I started asking everyone I knew if either they or someone they knew had done Lasik. I ended up finding ~30 people, all but one who were THRILLED. The one who was not had dry eye. That made me think that those who come to the websites come for 1 of 3 reasons:

1. Before surgery to get information (large group)
2. After surgery out of frustration/disappointment (medium group)
3. After surgery to encourage group #1 with good outcome stories (small group)

Most with great outcomes move on to other things, as with most health boards. Whatever you decide, good luck!

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