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Hi Skylar...been following your lasik experience as well. I had the exact same surgery as you 1 week after you. Anyways, the office mgr at the eye drs had told me her lasik story and it involved pregnancy. She had lasik almost 2 yrs ago and shortly thereafter became pregnant. What happened to her was her night vision started to get more blurry and increased dryness as her pregnancy continued. She kept bugging the dr if she was alright and he told her it was her hormones and it would go away after she had the baby. It did completely from what she said. No glasses or repeat of the lasik needed. Hope that helps! Good to hear you eyes are doing well mine are too! A little dry and I have a twitch now and then in my right lid (he says is unrelated), 20/20 as of a month and half. Take care.
Thanks for your replies! I had heard "wait 6 months"-maybe that is an abundance of caution. Glad to hear the 7 days figure. We'd like to have a baby and could potentially be pregnant as early as 4 months post-Lasik. I can't see why it would be a problem, especially since to this point my eye surgery has been uncomplicated. I'll ask 12/4 when I go for my 2 month follow-up and let you know what I hear.

Also, Airline, glad to hear you had the surgery-post and let us know how it's going! Skylar

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