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This is a great forum, but I found I had to stop reading it at one point, as I was talking myself out of getting the surgery done.

I wanted to give a little back though, and share my experience with anyone who's thinking about the procedure.

I live in Australia, the company is called Laser Vision - they have branches overseas also.

My surgeon was Dr Peter Beckinsale. He's very experienced and on their website you can check out all the surgeons' credentials and resume.

My prescription was -10 in my right eye and -8 in the left. I've worn glasses since I was 8 (25 years:( ) Due to prescription so high, I wore glasses constantly from the moment I woke up till when I went to sleep. I've worn a variety of contacts over the years, but suffered from dry eyes for the last 7 years or so.

My surgeon advised the -8 eye posed no problem and would be 'life changing' but the -10 posed more problems. Definately doable but more risky. He performs about 1-2 ops a month on -10 eyes.

Any future adjustments are free for rest of my life with Laser Vision.

My pupils were quite large, but did not require drops to constrict them (one option for large pupils). My corneas were slightly thicker that average....well something had to go in my favour!!

My nature is to worry about worrying in life...but for some reason I did not stress at all in the weeks leading up to this procedure, or even on the day.

I was prepped, and given 2 'stress' balls to squeeze. My whole body remained taught throughout the lower jaw ached later from clenching. The procedure was explained by surgeon as he did it. ie. We are using intralase to cut the flap, now we are lifting it, the laser is starting for 40 seconds, 20 seconds to go, 5 seconds, I'm smoothing the flap back down, it was very successful.

I sat up and could read the clock on the wall. I was given eye shields that I wear for first 3 nights, and massive big dark glasses for glare and sun due to light sensitivity. (you're not supposed to squint, rub eyes etc)

I was given a valium, which I don't think worked, but I wasn't freaking out anyway, then a tomazipan (spelling slightly wrong) to help me sleep at home. I slept for a few hours, woke up starving, ate, had some drops another sleeping tablet then slept till morning.

First day after op, I spent the day listening to my alarm on my mobile going off advising me of when my next set of drops were due. I had my check up appointment early in morning and was told I was 20/20 in what had been my -10 eye and one better than 20/20 in my -8 eye. (can't remember which way that that 20/40??) Surgeon very happy with results less than 24 hours after op.

I've had 4 lots of drops to take, the longest break I get is 45 minutes inbetween. The 4th drops are just saline, which you can use as often as you like, but 15 minutes after the anti-inflammatories or antibiotics, so as not to dilute them.

Today is day 2 after op, and I've had no pain, no real desire to rub eyes (and I'm a big eye rubber!) I'm delighted with results, have had no floaters, starbursts, or anything else I was worried about having read about them. Haven't tested night vision yet, but so far so good.

Good luck to one and all who choose this life changing path.:D

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