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Hi airline,

I'm especially interested in your experience because you have a high degree of myopia like me (-7.5). I haven't heard many experiences of people with high myopia and LASIK. I was wondering if you can give us an update on how your vision has been recently. Also, how is your night vision? Do you get halos? Thanks!
me too!!! i've had great success with lasik! i'm absolutely thrilled with the results and it's been almost a year and a half. i haven't had any problems whatsoever and i would recommend lasik to anyone!

HOWEVER..... i would definitely recommend that before you get lasik you do your research and make sure that:

1.) you are a good candidate - and get more than one doctor's opinion

2.) you don't have any underlying diseases that might affect your outcome

3.) you get a good reputable doctor!!!!!

4.) you know what you are getting into..... like it can take a good SIX MONTHS before your eyes heal and during that time your vision might not be perfect..... or like if you don't use your artificial tears properly, it can take even LONGER for your eyes to heal and your vision to clear.... things like that

it's nice to read a good positive thread here. i don't come on this board that often anymore (mostly because i'm always repeating myself to newcomers...), but i had to respond to this thread.... congrats on your new eyes!!! :)

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