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You should have it done but the doctor may refuse to do it.

Doctors don't like to do it again unless you are at least 20/40 as they will tell you the risk/reward isn't worth it. Also you need to have enough tissue left to redo it.

I went from -4.5 to 0.0 (20/20) the day after surgery. I regressed rapidly and by 6 months was all the way back to -1.75.

I had an enhancement done and at 2 months out I have regressed to -0.75 or about 20/30 the same as you are now. I can "get by" without glasses but I hate having crappy less than ideal vision. That is my personal taste. Others don't mind less than ideal as long as they were able to get rid of glasses.

In your case, you have regressed very little so if you have it done the regression then 2nd time will be negligible. Your problem will be convincing the doc to do it.

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