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Hi Allyson,

I had custom wavefront Lasik six days ago, so yesterday was my last day of medicated drops. ;)

I think you're going to be fine. The procedure is weird, but it's not long or difficult or painful. My doctor talked me through it while his staff moved like clockwork around him, so it was easy to relax and trust them.

Like you, I was really nervous, but as I checked in the morning of the surgery, another patient was checking in for his one-day post-op. The receptionist asked how he was feeling and he said, "Great!" At that point I just relaxed and started looking forward to it, something I've been wanting to do for years.

In my experience, I was a bit dazed after the surgery, and couldn't see well at all -- this is normal. My eyes started getting sore during a long ride home. But when I got home, I took the recommended nap, and when I woke up three hours later, I felt fine -- and I could see!

One bit of advice I have is to keep reading and learning about the procedure. Don't put too much weight on the horror stories, but know the temporary and permanent side effects, and read the doctor's consent forms in advance if you can. I think I went in with realistic expectations, and even though I don't feel perfect now (dry eyes, bruising on eyes), I know that this is temporary and I'm very satisfied with the result.

Best wishes,

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