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I had the wavefront yesterday, and had my post op checkup this morning. I'm at 20/20 as of this morning. i cannot believe how great I can see, just one day after! Yesterday my eyes did burn for about 4 hours as they told me, I got home around 3:30-not feeling too well, took the Tylenol 3 they gave me, and just stayed in bed for about 5 hours resting because the eyes were burning. But just like clockwork about 4 hours later the burning started to stop and by morning today, my eyes felt pretty darn good!
I also had the temp. punctual plugs put in yesterday and "already" I think they are helping a GREAT deal. My eyes don't feel that dry at all. Which for me is remarkable...
My eyes are just very red and have that bruising on the sides from the ring they put on them. But other then, i'm just taking it easy today, resting my eyes from time to time and using the drops.
So overall, i'm very impressed!

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