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Not rubbing your eyes sound worse than it actually is. I have not rub my eyes for close to a year now. For a start, if you are not sure, wear your eyes shield when you sleep. Once you get into the habit, it stays. The first 2 weeks are absolutely crticial for not rubbing your eyes.

Once you get past the 6 month period, it is recommended but not critical.
Because of the way the cut is made, rub from top to bottom is preferred rather than sideways.

To this day, I still treat my eyes with utmost care !
Allyson, the worst part of the procedure was the apprehension. I was so freaked about having anything near my eyes I thought I would move or something. However, it was so easy. I never felt like I was threatened and had to look away. Staring at the red dot was easy because it was so fast. Each eye took less than 5 minutes. I did have to wear the eye shield the first night. I didn't feel like I needed to rub my eyes. I used the chemical free tears to keep the eyes lubricated. I had my surgery at the Julius Stein Eye Institute at UCLA. Good luck. You will LOVE the brightness of colors.
merry christmas!

i always used to rub my eyes before surgery, but after surgery, it's such a conscious thing not to.... it's just in your head that, "hey, i just spent a few thousand dollars to get my eyes fixed, i'm not going to screw it up!" don't worry about it!

as far as the procedure, yeah, the worst part is the anticipation. it isn't painful at all. there is pressure on your eye.... kind of feels like the pressure you get when you hang upside down (try it...), but that's really the only thing you feel. and the staring at the light thing is just funny. for me, the light kept bouncing around and at one point it even disappeared.... but that was a year and ten days ago. my vision was about the same as yours, we're close in age, and my vision today is 20/12.5 in both eyes!

good luck!
I had my lasik procedure on 12/21. Like most everyone who has responded I worried about the same do I not rub my eyes, the anticipation of the surgery, etc. And like everyone has mentioned, the anticipation is the worst part. :) I got to the office at 10:30 and was on my way home at 12:30. From the time I entered the OR, the whole procedure took 10-15 minutes. I had CustomVue Lasik. I couldn't believe how quick it was. When I sat up I could see that things were clearer but it was like I was looking through a thick fog. The numbing drops started wearing off on my way home, my eyes were VERY watery, and I had an annoying throbbing around my eyes. I took some advil and layed in bed from 1-4, got up, no pain, and perfect vision. At my post-op the next day my vision went from 20/200 to 20/20. Best thing I've ever done. My only regret is that I waited so long.

Good luck and keep us updated! :)
I was a notorious eye rubber myself so I know exactly how you feel. First thing in the morning I would rub my eyes awake and last thing at night I'd be yawning and rubbing my eyes haha. But in all honesty after this surgery I became very conscious about my hands around my eyes. I have defintely trained myself to not touch and when you know what a delicate (and expensive) procedure you've just went through, you definitely become more aware of not touching your eyes and not wanting to!

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