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For anyone considering LASIK surgery, the grass is not always greener. I had it done on November 17, 2005. For the first year everything seemed ok. I had some dryness but knew that it was temporary (so I thought). During year two my eyes became severely dry and I have since started restasis, bio-tears, and have had my lower tear ducts plugged. The dry eyes have improved some but still hurt and are blood-shot all the time. I am going back to the eye doctor in a week and I am going to ask him to plug the upper ducts as well as give me a prescription for Lovaza. My LASIK surgeon failed to perform a schirmer test on my eyes, all his staff did was a slit-lamp test. After all these problems I finally had a Schirmers test to see the volume of tears I was producing. I am 29yrs old and the average score is 15-17mm however I scored 5mm in both eyes. I thought that glasses and contacts were such a pain in the rear but would give nearly anything to go back and make the decision not to have LASIK. Key take-away: If you have dry eyes before LASIK make sure you do all of the tear testing before going through with it. I long for the days of putting on contacts and taking them out everyday. Hope this helps someone.
hi, I have been using restatis for 2 months now, pre lasik. I just had the lasik 2 days ago. I think the restatis does help, it just takes time, so I think you might see some improvement if you are just starting it! I also just got the plugs in the lower ducts, that combined with the restatis does seem to make an improvement! I agree however, that lasik surgeons should be checking the dry eye situation before even progressing with lasik. I must be lucky as my eye clinic did do this. I mentioned I had dry eye when I went in for the pre exam and they did the paper test, and I basically had nothing in my eye. So I then took restatis for 2 months and did nightly eye lid scrubs for 2 months before I had the lasik. It's only been a few days, but i've experienced very little to no dry symptoms yet-after the surgery. I think it's because of the pre-prepping for the dry eyes. Good luck the Restatis! It does help.

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