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Re: Lasik 11-14-07
Jan 6, 2008

I think a humidifier couldn't hurt. I had the surgery on 10/3/07 and did not have any problems with dry eyes, however-with the cold, dry air lately mine have been waking me up at night very dry. But generally, I do not notice the dryness during the day. I did have problems with dry eyes BEFORE surgery, but not since, here are a few possible reasons why:

A few suggestions: make sure your eye drops are preservative free. My surgeon said this was critical as some people may react to the preservative and that can start a cycle of dry-eye irritation. He recommended "Refresh Plus", the ones that come in the single packets. You can use them for ~24 hours after they are open. I keep them beside the bed in case I need them during the night and try to remember to use them 6-8 times/per day whether I feel dry or not. That is one of the tricks-prevent dryness, don't just react to it.

Also, I have punctal plugs and think that helps with dryness. It is an easy 10 second procedure of you eye doc placing plastic "plugs" in your tear ducts to help your eyes retain tears. I've had mine for 2 years and didn't notice them after the first 10 minutes.

Hope this helps and good luck. Not sure where you live but winter weather may be part of the problem-if so, it will improve with spring coming!

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