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Hi all:

I've gotten such great info and support from just lurking, I felt obligated to share my experience so far, in hopes it helps somebody.

LASIK surgery on 31 Dec 07. They used Intralase and the Alegretto Wave Light Laser cost was $3,800.00. The usual (I guess) burning and eyes watering. I went home and slept woke up ate and slept again. My vision was kind of clear but "watery" looking. The next day my vision was good but not quit as crisp as with glasses. I was 20/20 in both eyes. Third day post-op I felt a foreign object sensation in my left eye. I was really worried thought sure I'd moved the flap or had some type of cell growth in there. I couldn't sleep a wink Saturday night thinking I had "Kathy Griffin" syndrome or something. Oh great, I screwed up my eye sight for good. This morning 7 Jan 08 I wake up and the feeling is largely gone. I went to my doctor and he says the corneas both look great and to stop the antibiotic and cut Pred Forte steroid drops down to twice a day for one more week. The foreign object feel I had for several days he says was probably the edge of the flap that hasn't healed yet. Many people have the same feeling he said it is quite common. I'm 43 so seeing 20/20 distance has made my up close vision bad and I need reading glasses but I knew that would be part of the deal. I don't always need them only real small print and in dim light. I don't have a dry eye sensation. My vision is pretty crisp now, especially outside and at night. I have no halos or double vision or anything like that. My eyes are feeling better especially since cutting back on the Pred Forte and the healing that has taken place. I wish everyone luck. StockmanJoe.

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