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TGUY and AKOITO (and anyone else who's had lasik less than 3 months ago).....

guys, it is WAY too soon to start getting depressed about your results!

JAKE, you really ought to give people on this board more time before you start filling their heads about your bad results. i'm sorry you had a bad experience, but most people take a good three-six months after lasik for their vision to clear, and your negative experiences really only add to people's stress and depression, and everyone knows stress and depression hinder the body's healing process! and the way you post your stats and facts here, you do sound very educated and like an authority on the subject, and that can be very intimidating to someone who doesn't know better. show some respect for others' feelings and wait until they're at least 4 months post lasik with no good results before you go off about how bad lasik can be.

back to TGUY and AKOITO....

ya'll, look up my other posts here. your stories sound like nearly every single other story here on this board. got lasik, expected perfection by the next day, blurry vision, didn't get it, depressed and scared, dry eyes, etc..... my story exactly (only one eye was horribly blurry though).

short version of my story.... my vision was horrible before lasik, and it was pretty bad for a few months afterward. my eyes didn't feel dry, but my doctor said they were. i used my drops more and my vision started clearing faster. my vision is 12/12.5 in both eyes now!

don't give up hope. you haven't had NEAR enough time to heal. keep using your drops.... oh, and FYI, i used the target brand preservative free drops and they worked better for me than the systane drops did (plus they were cheaper!).

good luck! :)

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