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Yes Yellow it can happen that fast and happened to me. It is extremely alarming and depressing when it happens too. You go through the 3 classic stages first denial, you try to convince yourself that you can't possibly be seeing worse than the day before and you drive yourself nuts looking at everything in different ways trying to prove to yourself it is not really happening. Then you are angry and depressed when you realize it is happening. Finally you go into acceptance once the doctor confirms the regression. Basically the eye is growing back tissue to regain its pre surgery shape.


Sorry to hear about your regression. That is exactly what happened to my for my first Lasik: Day after surgery 0.0 day 2 -0.25, day 3 -0.50 1 week -0.75 (20/40) 1 month -1.25 5 months -1.75 (20/200)

So I was -4.5 pre-surgery was 0.0 right after surgery and regressed rapidly early then more slowly but all the way to -1.75

The good news is the Lasik flap allows for enhancement if you have enough tissue left and if it is covered by your contract and/or you can afford enhancement. You have to wait 3 months min or 3-6 months before you get the enhancement. You will regress on the enhancement also but the percentage is about the same so since the 2nd time you are starting with less myopia you will regress less. Mine was covered by my original contract.

I had my ehancement and now 2 months out I have regressed to -0.75. Hopefully it stops here and appears to have stopped here. I can see about 20/30 so can easily "get by" without glasses but not what I was hoping for.

If I could have done it all over again, I would never have done Lasik. However, I recommend others do it, as 92% get great results the first time and don't regress. I am unfortunate in that my body has an overreactive healing reaction causing regression. You are in the same 8% boat.

Originally Posted by akoito2008
Jake, are you a doctor or something?cause you seem to know what you are talking about.Well, my story is a little different.I had mine on Jan 4, a day after, I saw perfectly,as in my vision was 20/15, and I believe this because I was actually able to read the letters under 20. I noticed though that my vision got blurry day by day, and when I went for my 1 week appointment, they told me I was 20/50..Even if I just had my eyedrops, I would never see perfectly like I did the first day. I asked the surgeon who did it, and they said it would take about a month for the visual acuity to be final but I am really so deppressed, I don't know if my vision will ever improve.Now, I feel that my vision just got a little better compared to pre-lasik, because I can see perfectly within 4 feet,but beyond that,is like how I was before the lasik.I feel so frustrated!
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