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I'm a 47-year-old male who underwent Custom IntraLasik with a well regarded surgeon on January 10, 2008 and am experiencing some difficulties. My uncorrected vision prior to the surgery was Right -775 SPH, -150 CYL, 20 AXIS; Left -825 SPH, -125 CYL, 175 AXIS. Note that I had corrective surgery for ambliopia as a young child. My corrected vision with glasses was pretty good - but not quite 20/20 - with the vision in my right eye being a bit better. I was struggling with small print prior to the surgery. At my one-week visit yesterday, the surgeon told my that I was slightly overcorrected (he mentioned 0.5, which I assume is for each eye based on my current vision). When I was shown a portion of the eye chart during the exam, every letter was blurry and I was barely able to make out the first two lines on the portion of the chart shown. I'm hoping that he was candid about the degree of overcorrection. With some correction, though, all the letters became pretty clear (much sharper). Since the surgery, my up-close vision has certainly improved, but everything is still a bit blurry. My newly acquired reading glasses (+1.50) are necessary for me to read small print (such as in a newspaper). I can just barely read the enlarged print on my computer monitor without any reading glasses, but it's slightly uncomfortable as my vision isn't crisp. As for my distance vision, I cannot quite make out book titles from several feet away. I can see highway and street signs only when fairly close to them. Unless I'm imagining things, my distance vision seems to have deteriorated since the days just after my surgery. Whereas I could read license plates from a distance initially, that has become more difficult. The surgeon mentioned that with my degree of correction, I should expect some regression (back toward nearsighted from mildly farsighted). I'm going to see him in two weeks. He said that by then he'll have a better idea as to whether I may need an enhancement procedure (at three months out). While I can function now, my overall vision is not good. I understand that the combination of hyperopia (even slight) with presbyopia makes for all-round poor vision. Can this slight overcorrection really cause my current vision difficulties? I'm wondering how likely it is that my vision will significantly improve with the expected regression. Also, I wonder just how difficult it is to fix this overcorrection through an enhancement procedure if the regression doesn't do the trick. Am I likely to get to plano from the current +0.5 through regression or enhancement? Thanks and regards.

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