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Just Had Lasik!
Jan 18, 2008
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this board. I just had Customvue lasik yesterday. I'm seeing extremely well already. I didn't really have any pain or burning. On the way home, after the numbing drops wore off, my eyes felt a little as if they has soap in them and they were really watery. Once I got home, I took 2 sleeping pills they prescribed and slept for only 3 hours! Woke up and no more soapy feel. These rest of the evening I just stayed in bed and kept my eyes shut and took one more sleeping pill and then I did sleep through the night. This morning I went for my follow-up and Dr. Akler said my eyes look great! She said my vision will still be changing. I got back in 1 month. Dr. Akler and the staff in Troy were wonderful. I do have to say the staff in Taylor were a bit rude. When in for my follow-up and after seeing Dr. Akler, I asked if I could please have a Dr's note for work. I'm taking a few days off. I'm an Executive Secretary and work in a business office and need to look presentable and since I can't wear make-up or do much to my hair for a week, I'm not going in looking like this. I am very fair skinned and basically, I look dead without makeup. So I asked for a note for 3 days and the receptions didn't want to give it to me!! She wanted to make a big deal about me not going back to work just because I can't wear makeup, etc. She actually embarassed me and so did one of the other workers. I explained to her that I understand that some people can go to work without makeup, etc. but I work in a business office and we are requried to look presentable. I mean, my gosh, it's only for 3 days!!!! Then she got snippy and gave me a note and said that if my employer called she was going to tell them that the reason I was off was because I couldn't wear make-up. Let me tell you, I called and ripped into the office manager when I got home and she was very apologetic. I've heard that receptionist be snippy to other people as well.
But anyway, the Lasik procedure was great!!! Dr. Akler told me everything she was doing and what I might feel step by step. Today, nothing is blurry and I'm seeing pretty good!

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