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One eye good :) one eye bad :(


I had LASIK on Saturday 26 Jan so 4 days in as I write this. Apart from some redness of the eyeballs, the Doctor thought everything had gone really well but I'm starting to have concerns.

Firstly both of my eyes are still itchy and a bit sensitive to the light especially in the right eye. I know this is supposed to be normal but nothing really seems to have changed.

What really is getting me down is that my right eye vision is far worse than my left. I was -3.00 in both before the operation. The doctor told me that my vision will get better over time but I have noticed no difference whatsoever as of yet. Also I'm getting headaches but don't know if that's down to extra strain on 1 eye.

Is my vision really going to improve over time?
Could the proceedure have been done incorrectly on my right eye?
Will the itchiness go away soon?

Any input, answers, reassurance would be greatly appreciated, please write.


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