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I had LASIK 6 days ago and as mentioned in my previous post have a problem in one eye only.

Basically the right eye is very blurry especially close up and this is giving me some bad problems. I work with computers and find myself having to work all day with a hand over one eye otherwise I am getting eye strain and headaches.

I was quite worried so went to see my Doctor this morning. I was told the scructure of the eye was fine but my right eye tested at +1.5 (left is 0 :) I was also told there is nothing I can do but wait. I have seen no change whatsoever for 6 days. This is driving me mad as I am uncomfortable all the time except when staring into space (my boss does not like this)

a) Has the treatment failed?
b) Have they messed up the treatment?
c) Will it stay like this or will it ease?
d) is it better to try and keep the other eye open to excercise it or cover it to rest it?

Please help with your advice / experiences

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