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:cool:I'm a 47-year-old male who underwent Custom IntraLasik 3 weeks ago. My uncorrected vision prior to the surgery was Right -775 SPH, -150 CYL, 20 AXIS; Left -825 SPH, -125 CYL, 175 AXIS. A few days after the surgery, I was told that I was overcorrected (+1.0) in both eyes. After 1-1/2 weeks, I was told the overcorrection had worsened (+2.0) in both eyes. Since then, I've noticed significant improvement in my vision, both near and far (especially in recent days). Today, a surgeon in the practice gave me a presciption for temporary glasses. He indicated that he adjusted it slightly for some expected regression. The new numbers are Right +0.75 SPH, -0.50 CYL, 10 AXIS; Left +1.00 SPH, -0.50 CYL, 180 AXIS. I know from my vision that it's heading in the right direction. The surgeon said to expect further regression. I'm hoping that someone can help me interpret my new prescription in order to assess what the Lasik procedure has accomplished. Also, at 3 weeks out, I'm wondering how much further regression I can expect. I'm hoping to avoid the need for enhancement surgery. Thanks for your help. :?:

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